Car Dealership Online Marketing Strategies

The landscape of how a company has to present itself to a customer is always changing. The automotive industry is not immune to this fact. With how integral the internet has become in our everyday lives it’s more important than ever that a company has a strong online presence if they want to reach new customers. While that may seem simple at first, it is deceptively difficult to actually reach an audience through all the noise and spam that exists on the net. Here are a few strategies and tips on how to make an impact on your target markets.

Have a Customer Relationship Management System

Since you are dealing with products that cost several thousands of dollars on average you have to establish a higher level of trust with your customer base than something like a local grocery store. You need to be able to keep track of your customers interests and give them marketing material that targets that customer specifically.

Most brand or regional dealer networks have tools that you can use and may even subsidize the cost of one for you. Take advantage of this if it is available to you.

For example if you have data that shows a customer is interested in a certain model or type of vehicle then you can send that customer offers specifically tailored to what they are interested in. This is going to be far more effective than sending them a generic listing of vehicles that you think are a good deal at your dealership. Read more.

Be Mobile Friendly

Virtually every customer that you encounter has tried to use their mobile device to research a vehicle you have. You want to be as mobile compatible as possible. Something as simple as not having a search function for the mobile version of your website could drive away customers in a age where people want information quickly and easily. If they can get the information they are looking for faster at another dealership they may not ever go back to take the time to navigate your platform.

Provide Useful Auto-Related Content

Some ways of marketing yourself are not as much of a no-brainer as others. One of the best ways to introduce your brand to a consumer is by providing some sort of information of content that they enjoy without any indication of you trying to sell them something. If they view your brand as a helpful entity rather than someone just trying to get their money then you can build extremely strong relationships with your customers. You can create a blog where you post tips on how to maintain your car. You can make a youtube channel where you review some of the cars on your lot in terms of their value and performance. These things would appear to your consumers as helpful information and give your brand a fresh identity.


Hopefully these tips can help you in your efforts to build your presence online. From using targeted marketing to creating content, there are a wide array of things you can do to improve your presence online. If you follow the tips provided here it should be a great start to building great stream of prospective buyers. For more information visit: